To order by mail, fill out the FORM or send us an e-mail to with all of the products that you want to buy.

To order by phone, please call us from anywhere in the world at (1) 786-522-6666.

To order by fax, please fax us at (1) 786-592-1897 or (1) 786-272-0606, which would like to order.

To place an order online you must first be registered on our website.

Once registered, navigate and select the products you wish to purchase by pressing the "BUY" button to enlist the products in your shopping cart.

Once your order is complete, press the "Checkout" button to continue. Choose the shipping method "Aun por determinar". Then Choose the payment method by selecting one of three options that appear.

To finalize your order, check that all quantities are well and press the "Order Now" button .

Once your order is sent to us, your account manager will contact you to review and process the order ships. In certain cases, we will suggest certain shipping companies agree to where you are.

Payment information and instructions will be sent to you based on your preferred method of payment. IMPORTANT! Gomez Ossa International does not accept online payments.

Visit our warehouse at any time during working hours from Monday to Friday, by appointment.

Our opening hours for visitors is (9:00 a.m. to 4:30 pm).

You can make an appointment by phone or by filling out the FORM bellow.

You can meet and inspect the merchandise by visiting our showroom.